Winter League

Wehrly’s Winter League 2017/18

Sponsored by: Wehrly Bros 

 Winter League Tables

Click here for Final Day Timesheet (Version 5)

General Format

  • Four-Ball Matchplay V-Par and Stableford
  • Teams of Two.
  • 8 Teams per Section except for 2 Section that have 10 Teams
  • Each team play 7 Qualifying Rounds over 9 Holes on the Main Course & Bomore in alternate series.
  • Final Day: 18 Holes on Main Course for Qualifiers & Non-qualifiers.
  • Dates: 12 Nov, 26 Nov, 10 Dec, 28 Jan, 11 Feb, 25 Feb, 4 Mar,
  • FINAL: Sunday 8th April 2018
  • Entry Fee: €50 per person – includes Presentation Dinner.
  • To enter a member must be fully paid-up (2017) and 18 years or older


  • Best score on each course for every round (Day Prize).
  • A team can win only one “Day Prize” only during the competition.
  • Section Winners.

Qualifying Rounds

  • Format: Four Ball – Match Play V-Par on Main Course and Stableford on Bomore in alternate series.
  • Handicap: 9/20 of Handicap.
  • Winner: Better Ball V-Par or Stableford score over 9 holes.
  • Score: 1 point for a Draw – 3 points for a Win.
  • All matches must start on time.
  • Scorecards must be completed and returned.
  • Players must enter results on the record sheets in the Bar.
  • All Matches must be decided on the Course.
  • A team that misses their time slot forfeits the match with 3 points to opposition.
  • Postponed rounds will be re-scheduled for the following Sunday.
  • Entry fees must be paid before start of the competition.
  • Top 4 teams, from each section, qualify for the final.
  • In the event of a tie the best score on the final day will decide qualification.

 Final Day

  • Format: v Par over 18 holes on the Main Course.
  • Competition for Qualifiers & Non-qualifiers.
  • Presentation Dinner – April 8th at 7.30pm – including prizes for Section Winners.